“The only rule is that there aren’t any”

(Reed Hastings)

In 2021, after 30 years of professional activity, Vittorio Carlomagno takes a further step towards the future, giving life to YK.

A start up dedicated to innovation and technology, YK is the digital and social Studio where millennials have the chance to match up, collaborate and connect with each other creating a bridge between the professional boomers of Carlomagno Law Firm and the new generations Y and Z.

YK commits to the highest technology meeting the needs of taxpayers and businesses to create connections with professionals- even differently abled- without any limit of location, time or space.

Direct and non-filtered communications with clients where home automation acts as a protagonist allowing the meeting, at the same time, between customers and professionals from different countries, contributing to the internationalization of companies.

Customer oriented office open 24/7 where the customer plans, through apps and IT platforms, to meet with the chosen team of Carlomagno Law Firm with maximum freedom.

YK pays particular attention to

With the collaboration of leading universities, academies and training institutions.