Corporate Communication

Brand Identity development

Forniamo assistenza al fine di creare una appropriata immagine dell’azienda sia per un entità gia esistente che per un business in start-up creando un brand di successo

Le aree di attività da noi servite come comunicatori d’impresa sono:

  • Brand analysis
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand equity

Market Analysis

Corporate Governance

Carlomagno Law Firm assists customers in organizing business according to the efficient allocation of human and technological resources

Strategic Planning

We support senior management during the strategic decisional process, proposing different solutions to enhance company efficiency and suggesting the ways to reach company targets. We help the company in building and circulating an effective culture of dealing with company informations, that is the most important driver in the transitions, especially when the business is passed to next generation. We facilitate the sharing of planning process informations across the different organizational levels.

Business Counseling and Coaching

Thanks to our professionals teams, specialized in different sectors, we are able to provide our customers with high value added services. Through our Business Consulting department, we support companies in identifying and developing the business strategy, managing conversion processes and designing the relevant structural organization through our Counselors and Coaches.


Carlomagno Law Firm is specialized in human resources, management and conflicts resolution Training, through his academics, leading expert in assisting customers with the relevant cognitive, emotional and theoretical skills to succeed in their business.