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Vittorio Carlomagno is a lawyer, tax consultant, accounting and local entities auditor and journalist. Born with a vocation for economy, sociology and law, he has built his academic and professional profile in an international environment including Italy, Spain and the United States.
He holds a degree in maritime economic sciences, sociology and law in Italy and Spain and is the head of the Carlomagno Law Firm, Studio Carlomagno and YK. Dr Carlomagno also holds the titles of President of KRLS Network of Business Ethics and of the Associazione Contribuenti Italiani
Furthermore, Dr Carlomagno is also a highly specialized individual; he is a professional mediator and conciliator, manager of the over indebtedness crisis, bankruptcy trustee, technical office consultant and penal expert.
In 1992 he participates in the founding of the I Fondazione Antiusura in Italia “Fondazione San Giuseppe Moscati Fondo di Solidarietà Antiusura” (San Giuseppe Moscati Anti-usury Solidarity Fund), taking up the role of sole auditor until 2015.
In 2000 the Italian Minister of the Interior appoints him as a member of the “Comitato per il Fondo di Solidarietà per le Vittime dell’Estorsione e dell’Usura” (Committee for the solidarity fund for the victims of extortion and usury).
Starting in 2002, Dr Carlomagno has taught civil, tax and labor law master’s degrees and specialization courses in a variety of universities, including “Parthenope” in Naples, “La Sapienza” in Rome and “L’università degli studi di Palermo” in Palermo.
From 2009 to 2015 he has taught specialization courses for professional mediators at Università “Parthenope” di Napoli.
In 2016 the Ordine dei Giornalisti di Napoli (Order of Journalists of Naples) has nominated him as a representative for the evaluation of candidacies from aspiring members of the Albo dei Consulenti Tecnici d’Ufficio (Register of Technical Office Consultants).
Since 2018 he is a member of the College of professors of the master’s degree course in “Mediazione civile, familiare e consumistica, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie in ambito nazionale ed internazionale e gestione della crisi da sovraindebitamento” (civil, family and consumerism mediation, alternative resolution of controversies of national and international interest and over indebtedness crisis management) of the Dipartimento di Economia dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli “Luigi Vanvitelli” (Department of Economics of the University of Naples “Luigi Vanvitelli”).
As a high profile tax defender of numerous public entities and contributors, Dr Carlomagno has participated in parliamentary hearings concerning the reform of the Italian tax system.
As an accomplished writer, he has authored and published several books including “Cartelle pazze: come difendersi dal fisco” and “Lo Statuto dei Diritti del Contribuente” as well as essays for a number of magazines and numerous articles for many Italian headlines.
Dr Carlomagno is director of the “” magazine and is a pundit for a variety of Italian newspapers.

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