Legal Pratice

Commercial agreements

We assist clients during the negotiation of a wide range of business transactions, as well as in the development of various commercial agreements

Corporate Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition transactions represents a large part of our job, starting from the initial planning phase to the implementation and the monitoring of such procedures

Venture Capital and Leveraged/Management Buy-out

We advise and assist clients starting from the feasibility analysis and strategic planning, to the completion of venture capital and Leveraged/Management Buy-out operations

Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring

We advise customers about all issues related to insolvency, winding up and bankruptcy procedures. When requested, we provide professional liquidators and receivers to manage and complete such procedures

No-Profit organizations

Our Firm is a nationally recognized specialist in providing legal and tax assistance to charitable and no-profit organizations and foundations, including public and private social assistance institutions, hospitals and health institutions, trade unions and consumer associations

Labour Law

Our clients are constantly faced with a number of issues and challenges generated by the comprehensive provisions requirements and problem of labour law. We provide legal assistance required to property and efficiently management of labour relations in all phases of employment.
We are regularly involved in advising clients on stock option plans or the termination of employment of executives and other staff members


We have the required knowledge and capability to provide the complete legal service related to all aspects of property ownership (both public and private real estate) and commercial property use, from the management of mall and property development for commercial use, to the management of sharing projects and properties

Privacy Law

All companies and commercial organizations are subject to privacy laws. Our legal department provides clients with the appropriate advice and ad hoc documentation to assure the continuing and correct implementation of legislative provisions that protect the privacy of individuals as applicable to commercial companies and business organizations

Intellectual Property

Our priority is to ensure that our clients benefit from the circulation and marketing of their products, while at the same time, are sheltered from unfair exploitation and infringements of their property rights.
This key area of our job focuses on protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights, by arranging for the registration of trademarks and patents and the development of license agreements, as well as, seeking injunctive remedies, whenever necessary, to obtain relief in the case of unauthorized use by third parties

European Law

Recognition of the importance and growing centrality of European legislation in the various Italian business sector is well embedded in our practice.
We represent clients in taking legal action and in litigating cases in front of the European Commission, the European Court of Justice and the European Court for Human Rights .
We keep in close contact with the European Union Commission and its various offices to ensure that we have accurate and updated information about relevant European legislation and judicial and administrative interpretations and trends.

International development opportunities



We assist our clients in national and international arbitration proceedings for the resolution of any kind of commercial disputes


Carlomagno Law Firm has professional mediators specialized in consumers and international law for the alternative resolution of litigations in compliance with Legislative Decree 28/2010

Public and Administrative Law

Fiscal Crime

Carlomagno Law Firm assists its customers in front of the criminal court, with reference to fiscal crimes, with its own professional consultants, specialized in order to guarantee any specific needs of the client