The story that others don't have.

The Firm

The Challenge

Carlomagno Law Firm was founded in Rome in 1920. At that time, the Italian professional scene was characterized by many sole practitioners. Despite their great prestige and experience, sole practitioners were not always able to keep up with the demands and expectations generated by the developments in a rapidly evolving business environment that required not only highly qualified professionals, but also flexibility and familiarity with the different international realities of the industrialized world.
For these reasons we decided to enter into practice with a new philosophy and approach.
From the beginning, our goal has been to establish an active and structured organization where different professional teams could share and optimize skills, knowledge and experiences of all their members.

Our partners and associates have acquired their practical working experiences in leading international consulting firms, assimilating their philosophy, ethic, organizational and professional standards.
We share the same vision. The Firm has been always concentrating on developing professional synergies and teamwork. We believe this is the only way to ensure that everyone in our staff could have the highest problem solving capability and could provide our customers with the more appropriate and balanced solutions, taking into account all the relevant aspects of their particular situation.

Carlomagno Law Firm is in Italy: Milan, Rome, Naples and Isernia. Abroad: Geneva, Barcelona, London e Chicago.

Our Approach


Assisting the customer

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each customer in accordance with the highest professional standards and ethics.


Staff quality

The success of any team depends on the professional skills of men and women composing it. The professional skills of each team member are recognized and utilized and, at the same time, the expertise of each member is enhanced by the reciprocal exchange of different professional philosophies, priorities and experiences.


Education and Training

Internal training programs we continuously perform, allow our professional staff to provide timely and effective answers to the needs and requests of our clients. We believe that it is also important to involve customers, members of public institutions, regulatory authorities and academic institutions in our pursuit of knowledge. Consequently, we organize seminars and conferences to foster and facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions between all categories: legislators, civil servants, legal and tax professionals and business community.

Our Strategy

We believe that direct professional involvement can provide a valid and important contribution to the strategic planning and decision making process of businesses and enterprises. We strive to form a strong relationship with our clients and to meet their increasing demands for a complete range of professional advice and resources.
We are constantly looking for effective and feasible solutions, analyzing all aspects of the particular situation and identifying complete and creative solutions.
We do not neglect our social and economic environment. We keep continuous relations with leading university professors, as well as representatives of the most important economic institutions in the country, such as Banca d’Italia, Consob, UIC (Italian Foreign Exchange Office), the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Firm

At present, Carlomagno Law Firm has a professional staff of various consultant teams, comprised of lawyers, tax consultants and chartered accountants. We have offices in Milan, Rome, Naples and Isernia, Italy.

Integration of Services

The offering of “tailor-made” solutions to each individual client is part of our interactive and creative approach. Legal, tax and corporate communication issues are closely related and are becoming more and more entwined. Laws and regulations are subject to continuous evolution and change.
Our priority is to provide clients with effective and realistic solutions dealing with all legal tax and communication issues and cover both Italian and International legal and fiscal aspects of conducting business.
We are industry focused and result oriented.

The International Dimension

Carlomagno Law Firm operates in contest with KRLS Network of Business Ethics, an international network of professional contacts who share the same philosophy.
We work with other law and tax consulting firms as well as with auditing firms and investment companies in the most industrialized and developed nations all over the world.

In Conclusion

A firm with a reputation for innovation, Carlomagno Law Firm, with its internal synergies and its flexible and broad based organization, is able to offer a complete range of consulting services. The emphasis on professional research, study and training, allows Carlomagno Law Firm to retain its exemplary high standards of professional excellence.